Myleene Klass Was Scared To Drink Water When Pregnant With Her Son Apollo

The 43-year-old star admitted her third child, who is now two, was the “most scanned in history” after she had previously suffered four miscarriages and she did everything she could to avoid going to the loo in case she saw blood again.

She admitted: “I had so many scans my midwife said he was the most photographed baby in history.

“I didn’t want to drink water as I was scared of needing the loo and seeing blood.”

Myleene admitted the idea sounded “ludicrious” but believes anyone who has experienced miscarriage would understand “that stomach-tightening feeling”.

The former Hear’Say singer – who has Apollo with fiance Simon Motson and daughters Ava, 14, and Hero, 10, with ex-husband Graham Quinn – realised she was miscarrying for the third time when she popped to the toilet during her Smooth Radio show, but she didn’t know what to do other than simply carry on.

She recalled to Psychologies magazine: “I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want to go home because I was going to have to deliver the news and break the magic.

“But life doesn’t stop and I took my daughter to dance class as soon as I got back.

“There was no time to catch my breath because I have ­children who rely on me and who I need to protect.”

And Myleene didn’t realise how “broken” she was after so many devastating losses until she looked back at a later date.

She reflected: “I remember the despair, grief and anger. And the panic.

“But it wasn’t until I looked back at my diaries that I ­realised how broken I was.

“By the fourth time, it was just a spiral of absolute terror.”

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