Netflix Shares An Exclusive Clip From Upcoming Movie, Vivo

A monkey and a tween might not be a recognisable duo, but Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Gabi (Ynairaly Simo) prove to be a brilliant pairing as nothing can stop them from completing their mission.

From Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, comes Vivo, a new feature about long-lost loves and new friendships.

Vivo, a musically talented, one-of-a-kind kinkajou (aka a rainforest ‘honey bear’), spends days with his beloved owner Andrés (Juan de Marcos), playing wonderful music to the adoring crowds in the square.

While Vivo and Andrés may be starkly different, and obviously don’t speak the same language, the pair communicate and show their love via the magic that is music.

However, not everything is perfect, as Andrés receives a letter from famous performer Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estefan), inviting him to her final show with the hope of reuniting and having the old days come flooding back.

Since Marta lives what seems to be worlds away, Vivo must deliver a letter from Andrés, but he cannot do it alone. The monkey needs the help of Gabi, a raring-to-go tween who walks to the beat of her offbeat drum.

Together, Vivo and Gabi venture off together through the Florida Everglades in order to get the letter from Andrés delivered; while the path is dangerous and scary, the new duo will stop at nothing to get to Marta, even if it means paddling through rivers filled with gators.

The new clip from the film shows Vivo and his worry regarding the journey, and his dwindling mood; both of which are quickly solved by Gabi. The young and energetic character seems to never be bogged down by problems, and appears to find a positive solution for everything; just what Vivo needs!

From the video, we can see that this animated movie looks stunning; the dense jungle setting provides the perfect scenery for Vivo and his worries, only to be squashed by Gabi’s enthusiasm, as viewers as lifted up through the trees to the clouds; this clip alone shows how charming this film is set out to be.

Vivo is directed by Oscar nominee Kirk DeMicco (The Croods), co-directed by Brandon Jeffords (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2), written by Quiara Alegria Hudes (In the Heights), produced by Lisa Stewart (Monsters vs. Aliens), Michelle Wong (Hotel Transylvania 2) and Oscar winner Rich Moore (Zootopia).

Vivo will be in cinemas July 30th, 2021, and on Netflix from August 6th, 2021.

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