O.T. Genasis Is Interested In A Boxing Match With Former L.A. Lakers-Now-Celebrity Boxer Lamar Odom

Earlier this week, the “What Is Your Name” rapper was hypothetically asked if he would be open to boxing the 41-year-old NBA Champ, who just won his second boxing match against Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, Ojani Noa. Now, never known to turn down a fade, Genasis, 34, delivered an optimistic response that welcomes the challenge if the bag is right and available to completely focus on the fight.

“… I’m skilled differently. If the paper was right and I had to stop everything I was doin’ to make sure the paper was right… It just gotta be right. But anything, man down man down. MAN DOWN… Man down.”

Then O.T. was asked what round he would knockout Odom in, he replied

“I’m not I’m not really sure you know what I mean and everything like that. But like I said, I’m really skilled. What I’m saying… What I’m saying is I privately train. I don’t show what I do. I’m more skilled than people may think.”

O.T. Genasis’ latest single “What Is Your Name” follows a busy 2021 of new releases, which includes one-off tracks, like “Big League,” “Detergent” and the Chris Brown and Charlie Wilson-featured “Back To You.” On top of the music, Genasis is enjoying fatherhood right now with his new baby boy with ex-girlfriend-actress Malika Haqq, who is the best friend of Odom’s ex-wife Khole Kardashian.

Skill and experience are definitely weapons O.T. Genasis will need in his arsenal against heavyweight Lamar Odom who is a whole foot-and-one-inch taller at 6-foot-10-inches and 65-pounds heavier at 230-pounds than the 5-foot-7-inches and 165-pounds rapper. But O.T. Genasis isn’t the only rapper calling out the Odom with a previous request to box from rapper-reality star Benzino.

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