PUBG Going Free-To-Play (F2P) For A Week May Last Even Longer

From August 10, PUBG will be entirely free to play until August 16. Using the Kpop crossover with Blackpink to draw in new players, it seems that the gesture may become more permanent soon.

Prominent PUBG leaker Player IGN announced on Twitter that the move was more than a simple ploy to attract new players.

The first tweet to suggest this went out back in July, and has been proven to be true in terms of a F2P week for PUBG. Player IGN stated that “They’re going to track player responses in a F2P week that’s happening next month,” alluding to the Blackpink free-to-play week ahead.

The latest tweet refers back to the previous one, hinting that a permanent F2P future may be on the cards.

The Blackpink crossover has introduced 35 items into PUBG, including themed hair, outfits, nameplates, weapons, and more. From August 18 to September 7, there will also be a special in-game event. This will include specific missions that net points which can be redeemed for an exclusive helmet, backpack and contraband coupons.

Blackpink are also going to release their own island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the island aims to be a celebration of the bands upcoming fifth anniversary (on August 8).

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