Skepta Explained Why He Believes Being A Rapper Is A Waste Of Talent


Despite the growing number of young people entering the industry thinking that they can quickly become the next platinum-selling artist, many rappers will let it be known that to have a successful career is a taxing effort.

There is an illusion that becoming a chart-topping artist is easier than it seems, especially with artists gaining fame from viral attention. Yet, Skepta spoke with BBC Radio 1Xtra and shared that in his opinion, rapping is a “waste of talent” and artists should strive for more.

Skepta said that when he speaks about wanting to partner with companies or have his own successful brands outside of rapping, he’s hit with comparisons to Jay-Z. He called it “annoying” that we only have Jay-Z as a model for rappers evolving out of the studio and into the boardroom in such a caliber.

“If they want to branch out and do different things and become a business, everyone says the Jay-Z ting,” he said. “It was just a thought in my head where I was like, ‘I just wanna do more than just being like, a rapper,’ ’cause that’s a waste of talent. I feel like right now I want to become more behind the production. I want to produce albums for people. I’d love to produce Rihanna’s album, that would be a dream. I’d probably make Rihanna’s hardest album.”

After boasting about how he would create music for Rihanna that would go above and beyond, he reiterated that rapping shouldn’t be the end goal. “I feel like now I just want to branch out. I can’t be a rapper. It’s a waste of talent.”

“I feel like rapping for artists is some sort of therapy,” Skepta continued. “They go somewhere and they tell someone to record them and they say their pain in the song… But after a while, it’s like I’ve said everything. From being a confused African child to being a chief in my dad’s village. I’ve rapped myself to my nirvana, you know what I’m saying? I’ve rapped myself into it, somehow. Now, I wanna help other people see theirs.”

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