‘Star Trek’ Will Remain On Netflix In The UK

The iconic sci-fi series is leaving the streaming giant in some territories, including the United States, this month but will still be available to British viewers.

A spokesperson for Netflix revealed to RadioTimes.com that subscribers in both the UK and Ireland will still have access to the original ‘Star Trek’ series as well as the other programmes.

It has been revealed that a significant amount of ‘Star Trek’ content would be removed from the streamer, including ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and the 2009 movie ‘Star Trek’ that starred Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.

The original ‘Star Trek’ series aired during the 1960s and started William Shatner as Captain Kirk, although the actor previously confessed that he has “never watched” an episode and has only ever seen one of the franchise’s many films – ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ (which he directed).

The 90-year-old actor said: “I have never watched ‘Star Trek’. There are many episodes I don’t know, there are some movies I don’t know…

“I directed one of the movies — No. 5 — I had to watch that one. But it’s all painful because I don’t like the way I look and what I do.”

Sir Patrick Stewart also featured in the sci-fi franchise as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and recalled how he once “got hooked” when he stumbled across an episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ while staying in a hotel.

Asked if he ever watches ‘Star Trek’, he admitted: “I don’t look for it, but occasionally I’ll happen upon it.

“There was one night in a hotel when I was flicking through the channels and there was an episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, so I watched it for a few minutes, and I got hooked.

“Then the waiter came in with my room service order and he looked at me, then looked at the television and I thought, ‘He is going to go away and tell the entire kitchen that it was the saddest thing he had ever seen – this guy upstairs alone, having room service and watching himself!'”

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