Casemiro Has A Clear Philosophy At Real Madrid

The Brazilian player spoke with certainty to the press, assuring that the team will go for victory in the great ‘final’ of the Champions. “Real Madrid taught us that finals are not played, they are won,” he said.

Carlos Casemiro described the duel against Borussia Mönchengladbach as a “final” that closes the group phase of the Champions League. Real Madrid is playing to continue or to be eliminated from the competition, and he assured that they will go out “with heart and soul” for the triumph.

“All the locker room and the club know that it is a final,” he said at a press conference. “We face the match as if it were a final and Real Madrid taught us that finals are not played, they are won. We go with heart and soul. The coach has prepared the match and we have to give everything on the pitch,” he added.

In the mind of any Madrid player, Casemiro admitted that he would only like to play in the Champions League, but compared with finishing last in his group and being eliminated, he would prefer to play in the Europa League.

“I want to play the Champions but, if we cannot, I want to play European competition. If we come third we will not be happy, but if we play the Europa League, we want to win it. We work only for the victory but in this club lives of titles and Champions, “he said.

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