Denmark Takes The Lead At Wembley

Mikkel Damsgaard scored England’s first own goal of the Euros. The Denmark player, with a spectacular shot, scored from a direct free-kick to beat the wall and Jordan Pickford.

Denmark took the lead in the semi-final against England with a spectacular free-kick from Mikkel Damsgaard. The Danish rising star sent the ball in where Pickford could not reach it.

It all started from a free-kick almost in the middle of the pitch. From the free-kick, Shaw caught Christensen, which led to another free-kick, this time closer to goal.

Damsgaard got his hands on the ball, placed it on the turf and took several steps back. He made the reverse route to put the ball over the wall and into the goal, a ball that Pickford could have reached.

This goal, as well as silencing Wembley, was the first goal England had received in the entire Euros and thus the first time Southgate’s side had been behind on the scoreboard.

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