FC Barcelona Are Looking For A New Date To Hold The Elections

According to ‘RAC1’, after the meeting which took place on Friday morning between the club and the Catalan government, the latter insisted on Barca to change the date to respect the lockdown.

The pandemic is worse than ever. The infections are out of control and in the different Spanish regions, they are taking measures to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

In Catalunya, the government has opted to decree a municipal lockdown. That is what they reportedly told Barcelona in a meeting between both parties on Friday morning.

The club assume that the elections can’t be held on 24th January, the date when the elections were scheduled for. Therefore they have to look for a new date, ‘RAC1’ explains.

This source affirms that the club has reportedly asked for legal protection to allow postal voting. In this way, crowds will be avoided and the safety of the voters will be guaranteed,

According to ‘Sport’, a possible date for the elections could be the middle or end of April. The pandemic will have the final word in any case.

The president of the Management Committee, Tusquets, still has a meeting on Friday. It is expected at 19:00 with the three presidential candidates (Laporta, Freixa and Font) to convey to them everything that has been discussed with the Generalitat.

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