France Wants The Return Of Fans To Sports Stadiums From January

The French government intends to authorise the return of fans to sports stadiums from January with attendances depending on capacity, although in the end, the dates will depend on the evolution of COVID-19.

Fans have now returned in England. It is hoped that these images repeat themselves bit by bit.

In France, for example, they want to welcome fans back in January. This is the message from the Minister of Sports and Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, who told this to ‘BFMTV’ when asked about the possible return date: “You have to hope. That’s what we think”. He went on to insist that the decision will be taken “in the light of the epidemic’s evolution”.

He specified that a maximum number of fans will not be set for all the stadiums, but in relation to their capacities. In other words, he explained that a percentage of the seats will be allowed to be occupied and he dropped one in four or one in two as possibilities.

The minister said that he also expects amateur competitions to return in January, starting with youngsters.

The government had scheduled a flexibility of health restrictions from 15th December, with the end of the lockdown.

However, despite a reduction in the incidence of the virus, early projections do not indicate that the number of infections will be reduced to the target of 5000 by that date.

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