Lazio Ended The Transfer Window With The Disappointment Of Not Being Able To Sign The Central Defender They Wanted

Even though the window have slammed shut, there is still the option of signing free agents. David Luiz has been a free agent since his Arsenal contract expired in June.

Lazio’s plan of getting Kostic at the last minute failed and now they must try and look for a central defender who is a free agent. The club coached by Sarri could look to David Luiz.

The Brazilian central defender, who has been without a team since his contract ended at Arsenal last season, could join Lazio as a free agent, the last opportunity the Italians have to sign a player.

Lazio tried to get Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt, but something happened which prevented his signing. The German outfit say that they never got an offer for him and Lazio claim that the email address they were given was a false one. Eintracht replied that they mistyped Frankfurt and that is why the email did not get to them.

The sought after central defender did not arrive and now ‘TuttoSport’ says that Lazio are looking for a free agent at the last minute. David Luiz could be their saviour.

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