Liverpool Defender Virgil Van Dijk Is Working In The Gym

Virgil van Dijk has taken one more step in his recovery after his serious cruciate ligament injury in the right knee.

He is now working out in the gym to tune up his physique. Liverpool shared a video in which the defender appears to be working and being treated by medics.

The stellar career of Van Dijk temporarily stopped because of a serious cruciate ligament injury in the right knee, but he is now working in the gym to return. There is still a long time to go, so much that Liverpool don’t want to think about it, for him to return.

The club shared a video of his daily work. The defender could be seen lifting waits and doing various exercises to get in tune. The more active he remains and the more he take cares of himself, the more he can shorten recovery times, however hopeless they may be

In the document published on social media, you can also see how the Liverpool medical services treat the footballer. Van Dijk at some point looks towards the camera and winks. Mentally, he is concentrating 100% on his return to the pitch.

In fact, he posted some photos to his official Twitter profile alongside the message “working harder than ever”. Before suffering this injury, Van Dijk was amongst the best players on the planet and is already fighting to continue being so when he returns.

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