Manchester City’s Iconic ‘Welcome To Manchester’ Sign Appeared In The City

The billboard was put up after Carlos Tevez’s controversial transfer from United to City, depicting a celebrating Tevez with his arms outstretched on a sky blue background with the now-infamous caption.

If the transfer itself wasn’t divisive enough, the billboard certainly sent a message from the ‘noisy neighbours’ that they were ready to stamp on some toes after their takeover the previous year. Tevez was the kind of signing that signalled their intent to become one of England’s biggest clubs.

Since then, City’s fortunes and United’s have gone in opposite directions โ€” certainly since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.

Now, as City look to defend their Premier League title, United are still without a league success since Ferguson left. But Reds will feel their summer business puts them back in firm contention for the first time in some years.

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As well as Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane, United completed the sensational re-signing of Ronaldo on Friday. City had felt that they would be signing Ronaldo, until a late United intervention to persuade their former idol to return to Old Trafford.

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