Newcastle Supporters Will Be Discouraged From Wearing Tea Towels On Their Heads

Following the completion of Newcastle’s £300m Saudi-backed takeover, the scenes at St James’ Park have been jubilant, and the first match at home since Mike Ashley’s 14-year tenure came to an end saw a packed out stadium witness a 3-2 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

But a significant number of Magpies fans have been spotted donning their own home-made head-dresses in a bid to ‘celebrate’ the culture of their new Saudi-owners taking charge.

However, the ‘fancy dress’ gesture by some supporters has left Kick It Out and influential FA figures concerned.

According to the Daily Mail, Kick It Out are waiting to discover if there were any specific complaints of incidents of anti-discriminatory behaviour on Sunday, before making contact with the club.

But Kick It Out English football’s equality and inclusion organisation are already said to be making plans to offer education workshops in Newcastle to supporters to explain how impersonating Arabs with their dress could be considered racist, offensive, or culturally insensitive.

Should the issue escalate then the FA will reportedly consider stepping in to address their concerns.

Newcastle already have important issues to address from last weekend’s match with the club launching an investigation into an alleged racist gesture made by one of the club’s fans towards the Tottenham away end.

Northumbria Police have been notified and the Magpies intend to cooperate fully with authorities to establish the details and ‘pursue the strongest possible action’ should any criminal behaviour be found to have taken place.

The timing of the alleged incident comes during the Premier League’s No Room for Racism campaign, which will run over the next fortnight, with fans being urged to challenge and report any discriminatory behaviour.

In a statement on their official website, Newcastle underlined that there was no place for racism in the sport or society in general.

‘Our message is clear football is for everyone. Discrimination has absolutely no place in football, in the street, online or in wider society and we will not tolerate it under any circumstances,’ the statement read.

‘Newcastle United will pursue the strongest possible action against anyone involved in discriminatory behaviour and will support any efforts by the authorities to secure a criminal conviction.

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‘The club is adhering to the Premier League commitment regarding Abusive and Discriminatory conduct, which facilitates the banning of any fan found to have been involved in abusive and/or discriminatory conduct from all Premier League stadia.

‘For this alleged incident to take place at a time when all Premier League clubs are visibly supporting the No Room For Racism campaign shows the work we all have ahead of us, to which we remain absolutely committed.

‘If you see discrimination, challenge it, report it, change it. There is no place for abusive or discriminatory conduct anywhere in football; we are United as One.’

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