Raiola Talked About Haaland’s Possible Move To Real Madrid

Mino Raiola is Erling Haaland’s agent. He spoke to ‘Tuttosport’ about the Dortmund striker’s future and talk of him joining Real Madrid. He is happy at the Gemran side and he will only leave when he deems it appropiate.

It is normal that Real Madrid want Erling Haaland. The attacker is beating all records in Europe.

He is set to be rubbing shoulders with the big boys. Real Madrid have been tracking his movements for a while now. His agent Mino Raiola spoke about that.

“Rumours of Haaland and Real Madrid are not new for me, but Erling is happy at Dortmund right now,” he told ‘Tuttosport’.

With regards to the future, Haaland has a target: winning the Champions League. “If he leaves the team one day, it will be because of ambition, not money,” Raiola stressed.

Solskjaer also wants the Norweigan striker. They were together at Molde in the past and the United boss was happy to have contributed to his development. Raiola had a message for him though.

“Solskjaer is a good guy, but he made a mistake when he said Erling is like Lukaku. I’d say he’s like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch because he causes panic in defenders. It would be better if he could find a way of making Pogba play instead of talking about Haaland,” Haaland’s agent said.

Raiola thinks Pogba is not getting the role he deserves at United. “The club-player relationship is over. Can he return to Juventus? Of course he’s not happy at United. Juve could be his next destination. The relationship between them,. Pogba and his former teammates is excellent. However, COVID-19 means not many clubs can sign him,” he concluded.

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