Saul Had A Disappointing First Game As A Chelsea Player

He needs to adapt to the Premier League. Criticism didn’t stop coming towards the Spaniard. Social media users and even former players such as Graeme Souness criticized the midfielder after his poor performance.

Not a dream debut at Stamford Bridge for Saul Γ‘iguez. His performance didn’t impress Thomas Tuchel, who substituted him at half-time. Despite his poor performance, Chelsea managed to win 3-0 over Villa.

After just 45 minutes on the pitch, fans had enough andΒ  it was enough for him to start receiving very harsh criticism. Graeme Souness, former Tottenham and Liverpool player, was one amongst the many not impressed with Saul’s poor performance.

“Aston Villa had four chances in the first half…and three of them were developed thanks to Saul. He needs to off at half-time”, claimed Souness. Looks like Tuchel agreed as he substituted him during the half-time break.

Also former player Darren Bent had his say on Saul’s first game, even though he believes he just needs a couple more games to adapt: “You don’t have an idea of how hard it is, until you actually are in the Premier League. It has been a difficult night for him…but he will be back stronger, he will learn from his mistakes”

Twitter users were not nice either. “Haven’t seen many Premier League debuts as bad as Saul’s”, said user ‘tucks 95’. “Saul is a disaster…shameful” wrote ‘afcCartier’ or ‘Buy Mendy and Thiago a beer’ ‘chrisgebhard’ in relation to the many chances saved by them during the first half of the game.

Tuchel said after the game. “I said to him (Saul) that if this doesn’t work it’s my responsibility”.

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