Sergio Ramos Touched On Many Topics In His Documentary

Sergio Ramos will premiere a new documentary this Friday for which he has given a sneak preview, talking at length about Lionel Messi, Zidane, “Los Clasicos” and their physical demands.

“The Legend of Sergio Ramos” will be released this Friday in Spain and the Real Madrid player has already given a sneak preview in which he, of course, did not hesitate to talk about his future which is yet to be resolved.

“I have earned the right to make the decisions I want, I’m f***ing amazing”, is one of the many statements that the Spanish footballer says.

There is much more: Sergio Ramos also shared his views on Lionel Messi and his impact on football and La Liga as one of his greatest rivals.

“We have suffered during the Messi era, in which if Barcelona had not had him, I think we would have won more titles”, he said.

Sergio Ramos emphasised that they had to compete with the “best Barcelona in history”, under none other than Pep Guardiola, although they had “a great manager like Mourinho”.

With regards to Zinedine Zidane, the centre-back only had positive things to say about the Frenchman: “Zidane is a legend as a coach and as a footballer. He is a natural and simple person, an example for everyone.”

In regards to the busy schedule of “clasicos” that unleashed controversy and tension, Ramos was left with a “bittersweet taste of that time”

“We did not win much and also because there was a tension generated by them or by us. I think that we all made mistakes there and thank goodness we experienced it at a more mature age. We solved it and fought for our team”, he explained.

Finally, the last thing Ramos wants is for a forward to get the better of him. “I am a player who depends a lot on his physicality. The best are usually wingers and strikers and are very fast, so I don’t want to be seen as lacking in speed or physicality. There are many hours spent alone in the gym but that’s why I push myself”.

“You can play well or badly but I try to give everything I have, regardless of what happens. When you do, there are few things people can say about you”, he concluded.

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