Tim Koeman, Ronald’s Son, Gave An Interview For The Documentary Force Koeman

One of them, when he took his dad to Messi’s house, about whom he said “lives incognito”. Another, when he was a child and trained with Busquets at the Camp Nou.

A documentary called ‘Forca Koeman’ will tell the story of the coach’s first months at Barcelona and, to nurture its plot, its creators interviewed his son, Tim Koeman. He spoke about Leo Messi, about whom he underlined his shyness, how they were allowed to train with their parents and other things.

After he was asked if he now knows the Barcelona captain, he replied: “It hasn’t happened yet. He lives in total incognito. He doesn’t go anywhere, nobody sees him. One day, I dropped my father off at Messi’s house. He went to talk to him, sitting at his kitchen table. It’s just great stuff”.

With regards to the difference between his dad being in charge of the Netherlands and Barcelona he replied: “Of course it was very nice that he was the Netherlands coach, but this is much bigger than that. Everyone talks about this club”.

He also offered a curious anecdote. When Ronald Koeman played for Cruyff at Barca, the manager was permissive: “I used to train at the Camp Nou on Saturdays. At that time, players had the right to bring their children to training. I used to train behind the goal with a young Sergio Busquets”.

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