UEFA Want To Open The Euros To All Countries

UEFA have decided to extended the number of teams at the Euros in the future. UEFA want to increase the number from 24 teams to 32.

UEFA want to open the Euros to all countries. They are planning to extend it to 32 teams from the 24 there are at the moment.

‘Associated Press’ explained that UEFA’s plan is to include more than 50% of all European teams in the tournament, to have even more matches in the competition.

If they end up making it 32, UEFA will have doubled the number of participants since 2012. They went from 16 to 24 in Euro 2016.

UEFA are following in the footsteps of FIFA who have increased the number of teams from 32 to 48 for the 2026 World Cup, meaning more teams, more matches and more money.

It is still not known when the increase to 32 teams will be made, but it has been decided that it will become 32 teams, like the World Cup in its current formatr.

We do not know who will host Euro 2028 yet either. ‘L’Equipe’ says that Italy are one of the favourites to host it.

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